Top Programmatic Advertising Platforms

We are in an age where building the right product is not just enough. Along with the innovation, technology, and ease of access to the users, the organizations also need to develop an advertising plan that is strategically sound and is also at par with the latest updates on social media and other advertising platforms.

The digital space of advertising is divided majorly into two sectors, manual advertising, which is dependent on the relationship between the advertiser and the publisher, and automated programmatic advertising.

In this article, we will be looking at the Programmatic Advertising Platforms. We will discuss the basic principles behind the platforms and how they affect your business. We will also give a piece of brief information about different programmatic advertising platforms and try to figure out the best pick for you based on the requirements of your business. 

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is a form of Automated technology under which advertisers purchase digital spaces from the publishers. Programmatic Advertising has the upper hand over manual advertising because it leverages data insights and complex algorithms to serve the adverts to the right users at the right time.

Experts recommend this advertising format because it is performed in real-time and thus allows advertisers to bid for ad spaces more efficiently. 

Now that we have developed a basic understanding of Programmatic Advertising, let us know how it works. 

How does Programming Advertising work?

Programmatic Advertising works similar to manual advertising but does it more efficiently and in a much better and advanced manner. It comprises Advertisers and Publishers. Let us delve a little bit deeper and understand its functioning.

  • User opens website (publisher)
  • The website captures impressions and puts them up for auction, including relevant data about the user (using Supply Side Platform)
  • Advertisers bid for the impression (using Demand Side Platform)
  • An impression gets delivered to the highest bidder, whose ads will be shown to the visitor.

Demand Side Platforms

The Demand Side of the Programmatic Advertising Platforms is the side that assists the advertisers in bidding for ad impressions on the publishers’ websites. The DSPs also allow you to filter target audiences based on their age, location, gender, past online activities, and more. The following are some of the platforms.


Adform is a global Demand Side Platform from Denmark built for modern marketing. The DSP uses enterprise technology Adform flow with its scalable, modular, and open architecture to enable seamless management of the campaign cycle. The technology used behind the concept strives to enhance human/machine collaboration while simultaneously delivering augmented intelligence to amplify business results for its clients.


AdRroll serves as a single platform for eCommerce brands to quickly launch display ads, social media ads, and email. Their unique feature is that they are a single platform for everything, which means, One Platform, One Purchase, and One Login to grow revenue and save time with a streamlined marketing DSP platform.

The ever learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology used behind the curtains simplifies day-to-day marketing for businesses. With AdRoll, the advertisers can now customize their target audience as per the requirement of their products.

The platform assists in advertising for Digital Ads, Social Media managers, and Email Marketing. The actionable data from the ad campaigns can be utilized to reach more strategic marketing ideas that engage existing customers, attract new customers, and grow revenue.

The clientele of AdRoll includes some big names like LOUNGE, Topo Designs, Payton Jewelry, Shady Rays, Exploding Kittens, Head Kandy, and so much more. 

Display and Video 360 by Google

DV 360, an abbreviated version of Display and Video 360, is a Google demand-side technology platform for buying and running programmatic advertising. With the help of DV360, advertisers can connect with a wide range of publishers to reach a specified audience at the correct cost.

DV360 offers a myriad of Publishers with ad spaces on Google Ad Exchange and other ad exchanges and networks to which DV360has direct connections. The key features of DV360 include scalability, audience targeting, and end-to-end campaign management.

The Trade Desk

It is a Media Buying Platform built for the Open Internet to advertise to audiences worldwide. The Trade Desk helps you grow your brand anywhere by leveraging the data to grow your brand. 

The Open Internet lets you use data to grow your audience across a wide range of websites, apps, and podcasts and more-comparing performance openly and objectively. The inclusion of the Open Internet has made The Trade Desk more powerful, data-driven, and ready for advertising from day one.

The intelligent campaigns by The Trade Desk include planning and buying media, activating data, and customizing with APIs. What sets the Trade desk apart from its peers and counterparts in the industry is its access to dedicated experts, making the data available for everyone to benefit, and the marketing academy offered by the experts in the industry to create custom solutions. 

Xandr – Demand Side

Xandr is a Data-enabled technology platform and a Global Marketplace for Premium Advertising. Believed to be the greatest innovator at the intersection of digital and TV, Xandr offers Increased Efficiency, Greater Access to Supply, Enhanced Buying Strategies to Advertisers, and Greater Access to Demand, Access to identify solutions, Tailored Services to the Publishers. 

The Xandr Marketplace has a global reach of 6.7B daily impressions, 193,000+ brands, 80+ global DSP integrations, 1550+ direct publishers, 175+ global SSP partnerships, and 45+ global data providers partnerships. 

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe is a business giant when it comes to Media, and what is advertising if not the display of media in different formats. Adobe Advertising Cloud is a platform where Programming meets Media. It is the only independent ad platform that has successfully unified and automated all media, screens, data, and creativity at scale. 

The Independent, Transparent, and Brand Safe Adobe Advertising Cloud uses corresponding data from disparate sources. It enables you to create unified, coordinated end-to-end ad stack campaigns while also offering Holistic Planning, Buying, managing, and Optimizing. 


MediaMath is one such Demand Supply Platform for the advertisers built for the moment and the next. It offers complete control of the marketing while also enabling the advertisers to operate flexibly and still deliver efficient and effective Omnichannel campaigns.

The programmatic advertising platform offers evolved user experience, a modernized Ecosystem, and an agnostic approach that supports any ID system ahead of third-party cookie deprecation.

Supply Side Platforms

Supply Side Platforms or the SSPs are the Adtech software that helps publishers and advertisers automate the management, selling, and optimization of ad inventory, including audio, video, display, and mobile on publishers’ web apps and web portals, podcasts, and other platforms.

They are also known as Yield optimization platforms because they’re designed to ensure the publishers fill their ad inventory with the best ads targeted to the right customers. The principles of Supply-Side platforms include Real-Time Bidding, Ad network optimization, Price floors, Reporting, and control over who advertises.

Xandr – Supply Side

We have already discussed Xandr in our Demand Side Platforms list. Xandr, as a Supply-Side Programmatic Advertising Platform, is a leading destination for scaled, sophisticated campaigns on premium inventory across screens. 

It is also the one-stop-shop for global access that provides greater access to demand by serving multiple sources of unique premium demand while also ensuring brand safety. They provide access to solutions that are the industry-leading multi-pronged approach to addressability and privacy. The tailored services by Xandr rely on flexible partnership and reliable services to support unique business goals.


Criteo is a Supply-Side platform that helps Build, Scale, and activate first part audiences with the Commerce Media Platform. The platform has an enabled AI Engine for Lookalike Audiences, product Recommendations, Dynamic Creative Optimization, and Predictive Bidding.

The website also provides shopper graphs for advertisers and publishers to understand their target audience better and an easy and fast ad platform to set up while also offering complete control and transparency.

The platform has 685m daily active users, thousands of publishers with broad reach and premium inventory across the open Internet, and 35B daily browsing and buying events active across 96 countries.


PubMatic is another platform that provides maximum customer value by delivering digital advertising’s future supply chain. Their Customer Specific Solution leverages specialized infrastructure built to provide scalable and flexible innovation.

PubMatic’s unbiased approach provides inventory, data, and insights to drive results and provide control while focusing on transparency and building solutions that solve the industry’s most pressing problems. The clock has 1.2T advertisers bids per day, with 3.3 petabytes of data processed daily.  

Ad Exchanges

An ad exchange is a marketplace that facilitates buying and selling of media advertising inventory. These inventories include Display, Media, and Mobile, from multiple ad networks. The inventory prices are based on real-time bidding, which we have already discussed earlier in the article. 

Ad Exchanges are better than manual advertising because it is end-to-end, completely technology-driven, leave no space for human error, and provide the best for everyone involved in the transaction. The transaction naturally includes advertisers and publishers buying and selling advertising spaces through real-time auctions. We will now be dwelling on some of the world’s best ad exchange platforms on the Internet. 


SmartyAds is the Full Stack Programmatic Advertising Ad Scale for advertisers and publishers, scaling business upward and forward, streamlining the process, prioritizing trades, and achieving desired goals. They offer a unique White Label Solution platform for media buying, selling, and data activation.

They have partnered with Criteo, InMobi, Cheetah Mobile, Google, Opera, Xiaomi, and SpringServe. They have been featured in Media Post, Salesforce blog, Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur for their unprecedented success in the industry.


Smaato is a digital ad tech platform offering accessible ad server and monetization solutions. It connects quality publishers with premium marketers to engage audiences around the world. The platform has a whopping 1.8T ad requests monthly, 1.3B unique users monthly, 150B video ad requests, and 470M unique viewers monthly.

The Smaato offers the opportunity to create your own for publishers and advertisers with No ad serving fee. It follows an Omni Channel approach supporting all devices, environments, and ad formats, supporting them through sophisticated automated systems and human expertise.


OpenX is an Industry-leading technology 100% cloud-based exchange with the most efficient tech stack in the industry. They assist in Audience Creation, Optimization, and Bid Guidance while covering all device types and formats at scale. 

With the help of OpenX, you can use your first-party data or leverage their third-party data to identify, reach and engage audiences at every step. 


The advertising world changed with the Marlboro Man, and it has never stopped since. As technology continuously changes with time, we notice a surge of innovations in how business leaders market their products. With the help of digital ad exchange platforms, it has become convenient for online businesses to buy and sell ad spaces to grow their business. 

The beauty of these programmatic ad exchange platforms is that they are entirely technology-driven and bootstrapped with the niche of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with only one goal to serve, engaging the right audience. 

Now that we have gone through various types of Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, and Ad Exchanges, we sure know that they help us reach out to the potential audience and provide them with what they need the most: your product.