How to Verify an Email Address?

Lately, in 2021, there are around 319.6 billion e-mails sent out daily and over 4 billion individuals utilizing e-mail worldwide. Appropriately, such information reveals that this innovation stays among the very best platforms to interact with others. Aside from individual usage, today, e-mail shows to be an efficient channel for marketing, especially for sending out promos and outreach projects. There are numerous e-mail provider that are making e-mail marketing trustworthy and efficient.

Yet, regardless of the advantages, it still has various imperfections, consisting of the absence of markers or recognition for non-existent, shut off, or closed e-mail addresses, making some messages worthless. Expect, you are attempting to send out an e-mail to several receivers however several of the e-mail addresses are void. In this case, your e-mail may not reach the designated user. Thankfully, e-mail confirmation, or the act of examining the status of an e-mail address, is now simpler to do, so more users can avoid the issue from taking place.

This post discusses the reasons that to practice e-mail confirmation and how to do it through numerous approaches; please kept reading.

Ways To Verify An Email Address Before Sending It Out 

While it’s possible and simpler to confirm an e-mail address after sending out a message, carrying out the technique prior to doing anything else is still much better. Apart from the lower opportunities of bouncing, it can likewise add to more precise project projections and, once again, aid avoid losing time and resources. Regardless, the following are the very best 5 methods to do so:

Manually Check an Email Address Syntax

Just by looking at an email address, one can verify if it’s valid or not. In detail, there are four parts of an email address: recipient name, @ symbol, domain name, and the top-level domain; these things appear in order resulting in a format like “[email protected]” or something else. In the user or recipient name, it’s possible to use the letters A to Z (both lower and upper case), any number from 0 to 9, characters (*+- /=?^_`{|}~!#$%&’), and the dot/period (.) sign. However, users can’t make names that start or end with the dot sign, and two dots can’t appear successively.

Likewise, for the domain name, it’s possible to use the letters A to Z (both upper and lower case), numbers from 0 to 9, a hyphen (-), and the dot/period (.) sign indicating a sub-domain (ex. Yet, it’s forbidden to use other printable characters, and two hyphens can’t appear consecutively. Lastly, top-level domains can vary heavily, but some of the most common ones are .com, .ru, .org, .net, .info, and .biz. Only by following these rules, it’s quite easy to detect earlier if an email address is valid or fake.

Use an Email Verification Tool 

While inspecting the syntax may sound enough, it’s difficult to discover if an e-mail address is still active or currently closed with this approach. Additionally, when handling a subscriber list, the requirement for a quicker and more precise option is vital. Luckily, there are likewise now more e-mail confirmation tools readily available than in the past. Nevertheless, it’s essential to keep in mind that complimentary services are just for inspecting a couple of e-mails or confirming periodically, and spending for a membership is recommended to prevent bounces, particularly in a big e-mail list. However, the following are a few of the very best e-mail confirmation tools users can get:

Mailfloss-Amongst lots of confirmation tools, Mailfloss provides more control in regards to e-mail removal, filters, and other functions. As such, it enables users to set custom-made whitelist/blacklist guidelines and choose what e-mails to eliminate or delete from the list. Besides that, there is a choice for day-to-day vehicle clean-ups, so the newsletter remains upgraded even if the user forgets to keep it.

ZeroBounce-ZeroBounce is another popular e-mail confirmation tool that’s likewise commonly utilized by leading business. It includes bulk and single e-mail checkers, API for enhancing website types (like newsletter types), and assistance for automation tools like Zapier for effortlessly linking to other e-mail services.

Email Checker-As the name recommends, the Email Checker tool is everything about guaranteeing the credibility of e-mail addresses. In fact, it avoided over 1.3 billion bounces (based on Email Checker’s words) and has actually assisted well-known business like Box, Seagate, and EE. Apart from the bulk e-mail checker, automated and real-time website APIs, it likewise provides e-commerce platforms combination to assist consumers prevent going into incorrect e-mail addresses at check out or other kinds.

Hunter -Hunter provides bulk/single e-mail confirmation and advanced API for protecting website types. Nevertheless, it’s a bit more pricey, so smaller sized business might be much better off elsewhere.

Perform IP Address Lookup 

Once again, aside from online marketers, e-mail confirmation is likewise valuable for casual users, especially in preventing online frauds. Nevertheless, not everybody wants to spend for a premium confirmation tool for this reason alone. In this case, an easy IP address lookup utilizing a totally free tool like MXToolbox would be sufficient. In detail, this approach can expose the sender’s area, postal code, time zone, ISP, and signed up business name (for businesses or companies with validated DNS). Subsequently, a user can choose whether an e-mail is legitimate or if it’s an excellent concept to rely on the sender or not. Yet, the IP address is just available by seeing the initial mail, which, although simple, might be troublesome for some.

One of the most convenient tool to perform IP address lookup is Whatsmyipaddress. To perform IP Address lookup:

Step 1: Go to Whatsmyipaddress website.

Step 2: Insert IP address on the search bar.

Step 3: Check the availability of IP address.

DNS Lookup 

In e-mails, the DNS (Domain Name System) generally describes the domain of an e-mail address; as such, it’s the “” in the address “[email protected].” Regardless, carrying out a DNS lookup will examine if the DNS and site connected to an e-mail address still exists, has actually ended, or relocated to another domain. Whatever the outcomes might be, doing so will assist filter out inactive/closed e-mail addresses, which will lead to lower bounce rates and more upgraded newsletter. Last but not least, in this approach, one can utilize complimentary tools like DNSChecker and MXToolbox, amongst lots of others.

To verify DNS using MXToolbox:

Step 1: Go to MXToolbox website

Step 2: Enter the email address on the MX Lookup box and press enter

You will now see if the DNS is correct or not.

Pinging Server 

Pinging the e-mail server is one method to confirm an e-mail address. A lot of e-mail suppliers utilize the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) basic to send electronic mail if unknown. Furthermore, such service providers permit SMTP authentication or the capability to ping their servers to inspect the status of e-mail addresses. At the same time, an individual will send out a demand to the server, and if the particular e-mail address is still active, then a reaction will show up. Presently, it’s possible to do a server ping utilizing 3rd-party tools like Gmass for Gmail, DNSChecker, and any command-line interface for handbook yet more intricate procedures. , if you desire to ping server in windows you can utilize Putty Tool.. For mac you can utilize iTerm2 or any of the e-mail customer to confirm an e-mail address.

To verify an Email address using the Putty tool in windows:

Step 1: Enable and open Telnet in windows.

Step 2: Open Command Prompt (CMD) from the start and type in nslookup –type=mx

Step 3: Connect to the telnet server with telnet {mail server address} 25

Step 4: Type HELO and press enter to handshake with the server

Step 5: Insert a random email address as your identity mail from: {random email address}

Step 6: Now insert the email address that you need to verify rcpt to: {email address to verify} and press enter.

If the server responds OK, the email address is valid.

How to Verify Your Email List While Sending Out Cold Emails?

Once again, e-mail confirmation supplies numerous advantages like lower bounce rates and much better newsletter for online marketers and other associated experts while carrying out e-mail outreach. Nevertheless, this approach is better when carried out prior to beginning projects, specifically sending cold e-mails; otherwise, a business, for example, may get bounce informs and possibly lower the credibility rating. Sadly, while it’s possible to examine throughout mail transmission, there’s no other way to reverse currently sent out e-mails if outcomes appear, and the just other choice is to stop the existing bulk sending out procedure. Appropriately, based upon such factors, it’s much better to confirm prior to doing anything else.