Top 6 FAQ Plugins on WordPress

It’s understandable to be fed up with receiving the same questions time and again. That’s where the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section comes in handy. Basically, it’s a location for users to learn more about the products, services, terms, and conditions of the company.

Importantly, the FAQ section improves user experience through quick customer service. 

No doubt, there are tons of WordPress plugins that can assist you with your FAQs. And, choosing one among many can be quite a hassle.

Accordion FAQ

For WordPress FAQ plugins, Accordion FAQ is a wonderful choice. As its name suggests, it offers the popular accordion-style FAQ display. All of the answers to the questions are hidden until the user clicks an icon next to the query.

Essentially, it supports unlimited questions and answers. Also, it’s quite simple and straightforward to use. Additionally, it can be used with drag and drop page builders with no coding knowledge required. No doubt, it’s quite a responsive plugin that works well on any device.

Quick and Easy FAQs

Quick and Easy FAQs is a free WordPress FAQ plugin that lives up to its name. It’s quite easy to install and use. You can simply enable it and begin adding FAQS. Basically, you receive all of the tools you need to quickly and effectively add a FAQ section to your website.

Additionally, you can change background colors, border colors, and font styles that suit your theme. Moreover, you can alter those styles with CSS. This makes the FAQ section more consistent with the rest of your site.

 Arconix FAQ

Arconix FAQ is an excellent choice to craft an elegant and sophisticated FAQ section for your website. Importantly, it provides the shortcodes to insert FAQ items.  No doubt, it makes adding questions and answers to any page a breeze.

Aside from that, you can label FAQs while they’re being built. This can be displayed individually or even in groups with loaded closed or open options. It also allows you to put a “return to top” link to the bottom of long FAQs.

Heroic WordPress FAQs Plugin

Heroic WordPress FAQs Plugin is the premium solution for the FAQ section in the site as well as its management. This plugin offers a simple drag and drop interface. Moreover, it provides one-page simplicity where all the FAQs stay on one page. This further leads to the finest editing experience.

Furthermore, it’s built to work with the great majority of themes and requires no setup. Also, it has the ability to place an accordion or toggle that works with icons, and texts. Basically, you’ll have everything that requires to turn the website visitors into paying clients.

Tribulant FAQ

Tribulant FAQ is another sophisticated premium plugin for creating a FAQ section for your site. Importantly, this plugin integrates perfectly with the WordPress interface. Moreover, it has a dedicated search bar for the FAQ.

No doubt, it comes with a number of amazing customizable tools. It does include a drag and drop function for listing and rearranging questions. Also, it’s a translation-friendly plugin.

FAQ Plus

FAQ Plus is another premium great choice for adding a FAQ section to your WordPress site. Importantly, it facilitates the arrangement of FAQ items using the drag and drop method. Additionally, it’s a responsive layout that works well on any device.

Besides, it’s possible to integrate FAQ anywhere required on the site. Moreover, it comes with limitless color options and awesome font icons. Further, this makes your FAQ area look up-to-date and more professional.