Best PDF Search Engines to Find Free eBooks

Are you trying to find free eBooks online but ending up empty-handed? Here is a list of PDF Search Engines becoming game-changer in the present world.

If you are a book fanatic, you would love nothing more than the smell of books and a hot cup of coffee. However, digital advancement has made eBooks gain popularity over time, which has made people go for the websites like Goodreads, Amazon Kindle, and Wattpad.

With tons of books available on these online books, readers are enjoying themselves. These books are easily accessible to read and enjoy with extensive options available.

On top of that, the readers can download eBooks (sometimes audiobooks and podcasts) from websites to forever have them on their smartphones, tablets, and even computers.

With this said, here are the major PDF Search Engine that can help you find the right book.

Internet Archive

With more than 2.3 million modern eBooks, the Internet Archive has archived all the full downloadable texts and books for free. Readers can access an extensive collection of modern books at the Internet Archive in many formats. On top of that, anyone can contribute to the list of books by adding their eBook to the archive.

The archive offers:

  • 790,000 software programs
  • 14 million audio recordings and live concerts
  • 625 web pages
  • 4 million images
  • 7 million videos and news
  • 38 million books and texts

Consider it as a library allowing book fanatics to enjoy digital versions of their favorite books.

Google Scholar

What can be a better way to get the best books than Google. Google Scholar is a search engine for someone trying to find out the articles, case law, or articles on a particular topic. The users can also add articles to read later, such as a research paper and knowledgeable articles that they want to read.

On top of that, users can leverage the advanced search option allowing users to search with all the words, exact phrases, at least one word, omit certain words, and even the exact place where the keyword is placed in the article. The metrics data cited publications like Science, The Lancet, and Nature Communication.

PDF Drive

Search any PDF you want with PDF Drive, which comes with more than 70 million ebooks (book repository). PDF Drive offers several features like no download limits, no ads, and allowing to bookmark the pages. Users can easily search tutorials, books, authors, and manuals on the websites.

It is divided into different sections such as best books of the week, find your purpose and passion in life, parenting books, self-help books, motivational books, etc. It covers all the significant domains like technology, personal growth, health & fitness, biography, lifestyle, environment, art, most popular, etc., for users to enjoy anywhere.

As the name suggests, offers a wide range of free eBooks to users. provides access to 1000+ authors and several categories in non-fiction and fiction. However, users can only download five free eBooks post their registration on the website. It offers access to books like marketing books for entrepreneurs, detective novels, and top authors like Alina Udrea.

On top of that, offers access to free audiobooks, bundles, books, etc., in different domains, including children’s audiobooks, classics, fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, academics, and many more.


If you are a research scholar or want to find scientific publications, FreeFullPDF is your first step. FreeFullPDF offers free scientific publications in different fields like physics, health, life, social sciences & humanities, and mathematics.

It is similar to Google search but is limited to single domains allowing graduates or post-graduates to get details instantly.


pdfFiller is an all-in-one PDF software that can take all your headache away with features like eSign, fill out, edit, and share the files on any device. The online PDF file allows users to access the documents online for any purpose, such as insurance, real estate, taxes, recruiting, and more, allowing users to search PDFs and find documents related to IRS Tax Forms and other Forms catalogs.

It is easy to use; go to My Docs, add new documents, and open the search document tab. Then include the name or description in pdfFiller, select the document, and start filling. It has features like style salary statement of work, style salary deed, separately needed fieldwork, separate mandatory fieldwork, and crack wage diploma.

PDF Search Engine

Tired of finding out the PDF online on the standard website without any concrete results? We have all been at your place, but the best thing is that PDF Search Engine has made it more accessible. PDF Search Engine offers a simplified version to find any book online on science, commerce, engineering, medicine, arts, and political issues.

It allows users to legally search any PDFs they wish to read online using the best filters to organize and refine eBooks and other online material. It includes options like assignments, lectures, and preparation resources to increase knowledge.


If you want to search any document online, Find-pdf-doc can help you obtain the right results. Find-pdf-doc offers a search for any format such as PDF, SWF, TXT, PPT, DOC, AI, KML, and PS.

Users can check the links provided to download the supported files based on the keywords. offers a wide range of ebook categories such as games, architecture, art books, comics, business, software, security, science, eLearning, poetry, music, etc.

Along with this, offers audiobooks in all the domains that users can download and enjoy.


If you are a fan of eBooks, ManyBooks is the perfect solution offering 50,000+ books at your fingertips. ManyBooks cover different genres such as myth, adventure, pirate tales, psychology, espionage, drama, criticism, cooking, etc. It is easy to access any book by registering to the website or reading online for free. The self-publishing authors can introduce their work to the market and gain recognition.


Search for the suitable PDF on the entire web with a few clicks using FileSearchBox. The users can search and download the PDF without registration or login. FileSearchBox comes with several search engine filters, and also it uses Google Index to find the downloadable PDF. It is famous for searching Research papers, books, scientific facts, etc. The online tool also allows users to enable safe downloading of PDFs (don’t enable editing or macros) to avoid malicious files.


Get more than 320,577+ documents using the DocJax document search engine. It browses through more than 3000 websites to get the correct links allowing users to download PDF versions.

DocJax analyzes different official websites like Wisconsin Edu, Columbia, Edu, Princeton Edu, Cambridge, etc.

BASE Search

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine searched through 9000+ content providers to come up with 300+ million documents and PDFs. BASE search is a search engine for a web resource that offers complete texts of 60% of indexed records for free.

The repositories include documents such as digital collections, institutional, and journals offering content with several features.


ResearchGate has access to 135 million publication pages in different domains like computer science, biology, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, and many more. The users can easily collaborate with their peers to advance their careers and get in-depth stats on citations.

Choose the right PDF Search Engine

Choose any of the products mentioned above to get the accurate search results of your favorite PDF and enjoy reading.

With the right tool, you can get a wide range of learning resources (or entertaining) for avid learners, literati, and some casual reading. The best thing is that these sites contain almost all the eBooks from primary level to scholar level.

So, enjoy your favorite book legitimately with a user-friendly interface.