Best Social Listening Tools

Want to grow your business on social media? The best to do is to start with social listening tools.

Over the past few years, social media has become the primary mode for businesses to connect with customers and promote their businesses. The fact is that brand reputation can boost the business or let it die.

Everything comes down to how well one can promote it in the market, from customer reviews to brand image. Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to amplify their brand image and spread good words. It has made it possible to generate profits and maintain a steady business.

How can one track social media customers? Why spend hours on social media platforms if you can’t track your customers and their feedback.

Several tools have made it easier for businesses to improve brand awareness, share content, offer support or services, boost conversions, and whatnot in the social media market.

One of the powerful tools is social media listening which has some remarkable influence on the market. These tools can analyze the brand mentions on different social media platforms to get an insight into the image.

Just buckle up with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the ride.

What is Social Listening?

Before jumping on the tools, let us understand what social listening is.

In social listening, the users can understand or deep dive into brand mentions on social media platforms. Social listening covers everything marketers may need, from spotting trends to understanding brand requirements.

The social listening tools can collect and analyze online data for brands and their competitors. It will help the marketers or business owners track and monitor the platforms for conversations and mentions helping them discover the required actions. One can know brand mentions using relevant keywords, tags, and DMs for direct feedback.

What is the difference between social media listening and social media tracking?

Social media tracking monitors social media for comments and messages to respond to them.

Social media listening is to access the full spectrum of the conversation about any topic, brand, or market to improve campaign strategy and understanding of the audience.

With this said, let us walk you through some of the best social media listening tools.

Sprout Social

Obtain the business-critical insights quickly with Sprout Social to improve brand health and identify industry gaps. It taps into the global social conversation to better understand the audience to make an informed decision.

Sprout Social’s listening tool offers several features such as:

  • Seamlessly integrate with other platforms and strategies to get deeper insights.
  • Engage with market leaders and identify influencers to generate content ideas, services, and products.
  • Revamp marketing strategies, product development, and customer care using the insights.
  • It is easy to access and utilize competition, brand, and industry insights to analyze the conversation and understand brand health or customer sentiments.
  • Identify market gaps, discover consumers’ sentiments, and leverage opportunities to make a difference that can help to stay ahead of the game.

The social listening tool can track and monitor brand-relevant conversations to access unfiltered feedback, opinions, and thoughts. It covers business-critical topics to obtain results, make informed decisions, and revamp strategies. The actionable data helps get audience information and catalog real conversations to gain brand opportunities, industry trends, and sentiments.

The social listening tool tracks conversation, examines audience preferences, identifies leaders or influencers, contains consumer data, explores consumer sentiment, analyzes trends, and compares competitors.


Listen to what your customers say about you to build social media strategies with Mention. It helps find relevant topics, identify influencers, and get deep insights into customers’ requirements.

Mention goes through all the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Forum, Twitter, and LinkedIn to identify the topic or product that someone is talking about. Along with this, the tool can deep dive into competitor data to track its performance and brand reputation.

It listens to the social media data from multiple sources to filter, analyze, and improve the strategies. The aim is to measure the impact of the brand on the market to create strategies to boost business. It gauges the customer sentiments to get a big picture about the brand and dial up or down the data visualization process.

Zoho Social

Manage your brand on the social media platforms, monitor the image, schedule unlimited posts, and create custom reports with Zoho Social. It deep dives into the data to analyze social media performance, saving time and effort.

Zoho Social is packed with several features such as:

  • It is possible to schedule the posts depending on the active time of customers. Marketers can create their publishing schedule using best-time predictions.
  • Create or visualize a content pipeline to organize posts with an intuitive publishing calendar
  • Use a monitoring dashboard to stay tuned with customers and engage with them.
  • Deep dive into social analytics to create reports using pre-built templates or custom features.
  • Monitor everything from listening dashboard to live stream, direct messages to post.
  • Collaborate with the team to define the workflow, team discussions, and define roles or permissions.
  • Improve and analyze brand performance using stats, key metrics, custom reports, and schedule reports.

Users can integrate Zoho Social with Facebook Leads Ad, LinkedIn Lead Ads, Zoho CRM, zShare Browser, Canva, and Zoho Desk. It is a great tool to build a social media presence in a few seconds and stand out from the competitors.


If you understand the importance of brand mentions, it is best to start with the tool named BrandMentions, pun indeed. Users can find the relevant mentions and dig into the data to help you grow your business and leave a mark in the market.

BrandMentions allow marketers to build an engaged relationship with customers and key influencers to obtain insights that can help. It acquires and retains customers to create products based on their core interests and meet their desires.

Marketers can manage brand reputation to protect and understand the competitive market while maintaining their reputation. It can monitor:

  • Social and web listening monitor multiple sources simultaneously and gain comprehensive sentiment analysis.
  • Spy on your competitors to analyze their strategies and market growth to learn, adapt and flourish.
  • Obtain real-time notifications such as new links or email alerts as they drive traffic.

Analyze every bit and corner of the internet to discover brand mentions. It works as a real-time social mentions analysis and research, brand tracker to monitor its performance, hashtag tracker to monitor hashtag performance, and understanding the competitors.


Get the enterprise-grade analysis using Keyhole social listening platform and reporting tool. The tool can help brands make an impact in the market, engage with the audience, know industry trends or competitors, and stay ahead of the competitors.

Keyhole social listening tool offers a bird-eye view of the audience, industry, and brand. It is packed with features like volume predictions, AI-driven sentiment analysis, and real-time notification for brand mentions.

Through this tool, one can unlock:

  • Brand monitoring for competitors and yourself
  • Influencer marketing to track and discover significant trends
  • Campaign monitoring to monitor, inform and analyze campaigns
  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis to obtain accurate performance from market
  • Event tracking and monitoring to capture and amplify actional data

The social listening tool can identify the opportunities and trends in the market to help brands stay a step ahead in the market. It performs in-depth competitor analysis and aggregates the data from all social accounts to keep in tune with changing trends. The aim is to optimize social media accounts and convert followers into leads.

Users can identify influential brands and connect with them to grow their community while advocating for partnerships. The social listening tool amplifies search results and showcases the required data in real-time. It is easy to customize for all the team sizes, flexible data banks, and custom plans.


Estimate customer sentiments to obtain perception and boost brand image in the market with Reputation—the tool work on social media listening, publishing, responding, and analytics.

Reputation offers several features like:

  • Monitor brand keywords
  • Track competitor mentions across multiple sources
  • Analyze market trends
  • Analyze social media engagement
  • Competitor analysis to benchmark performance
  • Oversee content campaign

Marketers can schedule, respond, and post on social media accounts using this tool. It also offers features to customize real-time mentions or alerts, analyze customer sentiments, and deep dive using competitive reports. The tool helps identify top-performing content, track engagement metrics, and analyze hashtags. It manages comments, messages, Google inquiries, and more.


Are you wondering about ways to find the brand mentioned in an image? Social media listening is the answer to all.

The tools are designed to analyze all types of content, including images and infographics on social media platforms, to get insight. It also helps the business owners to find out if someone is misusing the brand logo.

The social listening tool has gained massive popularity from small-scale companies to enterprises. It can help in:

  • Determining that your business stays at the top in the market and can resonate with customers,
  • Creating brand voice to jump to top opportunities and track competitors,
  • Identify influencers to boost business reach and gain more geographical opportunities, and
  • Finding popular hashtags to boost reach and establish authority on the topic.

Though it doesn’t measure social media channels, it can instantly pull data from blogs, forums, comments, and websites. So, if you want to know about social engagement, get down to the listening tools.