9 Best Process Management Software to Boost Business Growth

Creating easier workflows to optimize business operations and increase employee productivity is challenging for business process managers. But it is a cakewalk when you use one of the best business process management (BPM) software mentioned below.

Every business wants to stay competitive in its respective industry. You can achieve that by optimizing services, products, capital expenditure, and profit margins. But this achievement is never easy when manually planning the business operations’ workflow. 

Instead, businesses use advanced and intelligent tools that automatically suggest the optimum flow of work depending on the variables like products, customers, input costs, etc. These applications also assist business process managers to minimize inefficiencies, errors, and communication gaps. 

We have discussed below the BPM tools that have changed how today’s companies function.       

What is Business Process Management?

BPM is a management discipline for the automation-based corporate economy. It uses modeling, discovering, measuring, analyzing, optimizing, and improving past and existing processes. 

By doing so, your company can create, edit, and examine predictable business processes that form the actual business. Finally, BPM aims to create a reusable workflow template for repeated business processes. You can also apply BPM to one-time projects that do not match any existing workflow. 

Benefits of Business Process Management

#1. BPM prepares your business operations for uncertain changes from new technology, a breakthrough product from a competitor, or new regulations.

#2. If you want your process managers and their subordinates to understand the business’s goals and work to achieve that, BPM is here to assist.

#3. Business process optimization, cost reduction, and efficiency of the employees are the three key factors to sustaining profitability. BPM enables you to achieve that.

#4. BPM tools constantly monitor the resources, process progress, and compliance levels so that you can correct the operations if you detect something may go wrong.

#5. Additionally, BPM practice is the ultimate tool for succession planning. A business process manager can leave behind structured workflows for their successors when you use a BPM tool.    

How to Choose the Right BPM Tool

An appropriate business process management tool should offer the following functionalities.

  • An easy-to-use diagramming tool to author visual workflow for processes
  • A form designer with drag and drop editing feature
  • Should offer mobile and cloud-based tools for process management
  • Stringent tool control features through profiles and roles-based access
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and security key based interface to log in to the BPM tool
  • It should easily integrate with third-party business tools like Slack, Zoom, SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Google Workspace, etc.
  • Effortless performance metrics for business operations, projects, processes, and the entire organization
  • Data analytics for actionable insights from existing business processes

You need not search the wild internet for a BPM tool offering the above features. Simply go through the below software and try the one that suits your business:

Kissflow Process

Kissflow Process is a globally acclaimed BPM tool that lets you modernize current business processes through automation. It is a no-code process authoring platform. Hence, a business process manager or process owner can develop simple and complex process flows without the need of a programmer.

This BPM tool lets you create process workflows for repetitive or structured business operations. Furthermore, it also supports process designing for projects that do not follow the template of an existing process.

Furthermore, the software brings agile development features like Dynamic routing of tasks, Agile deployment, Ad hoc task assignment, etc. Lastly, Kissflow Process is highly suitable for remote and hybrid teams since it comes with online document management, communication, and social collaboration.    

Zoho Creator

Various departments and business verticals of global companies follow the business processes created on Zoho Creator. This process management tool provides your company with the framework to design the business workflow depending on company goals, guidelines, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Since all your competitors are going digital, you also need to transform your business with this BPM tool to stay relevant in the industry. Zoho Creator’s low-code platform lets you develop custom desktop apps, mobile apps, integrated process flows, internal online portals, etc., to supercharge your business.

Zoho Creator comes as a cloud-based app. But, you can also deploy it on-premise as a company-branded app. Moreover, you also have the option to run it as an intranet portal web app, progressive web app (PWA), or mobile device management (MDM) app.    


Bizagi is another popular low-code process designing platform that lets you discover, model, manage, and automate business operations easily. It offers customized BPM tools for manufacturing and service industries like automobile, food processing, supply chain, banking, customer service, risk, compliance, etc.

This BPM tool has three dedicated modules: Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Studio, and Bizagi Automation. These modules organize the functionalities according to their types and instantly help business process managers access the right tool.

Moreover, the tool can easily integrate content management and database tools like SharePoint, Alfresco, Documentum, and FileNet for better information visibility.


Nintex is not just a BPM tool. Instead, it is a full-service digital transformation toolkit. Hence, if you need to move legacy business processes to the digital environment or simply need an efficient BPM tool, you must try Nintex.

If you are moving your business workflows, teams, and documents to the digital ecosystem, Nintex has the right tools for you. For example: 

  • You can create contracts, brochures, invoices, shipping bills, etc., with ease using the Document Automation tool. You can also bring old documents on it by digitizing them.
  • Deploy eSignatures for business process managers, owners, executives, and clients to move contracts faster and bag deals instantly.

Process mapping and management, mobile apps, intelligent forms, and business workflow automation are the other few notable functionalities that you will get on Nintex.


PRIME BPM brings end-to-end business process management resources for several industry verticals like government, education, information and communications technology (ICT), banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), utilities, supply chain, etc.

Its offerings include four versions of BPM tools, BPM courses for professionals, and managed business process mapping services from PRIME BPM experts.

The PRIME BPM suite includes four different types of software. These are PRIME Modeller, PRIME Analyser, PRIME Improver, and PRIME Automate. It also offers various subscription packages depending on the BPM module you are looking for. Therefore, PRIME BPM is suitable for SMBs since you can cherry-pick the services you need.  


If your business relies on Microsoft Office 365 workspace, FlowForma is the right process management application. It comes with three essential software modules that any business needs: forms, doc gen, and workflow. You can use all these modules together to digitize your business operations instantly without even coding a single line of software script.

The tool’s setup is so fast that your business will become self-sufficient in just four weeks after deploying FlowForma. Once inside the FlowForma environment, you can use the FlowForma Governance to control tool access and FlowForma Reporting for automated reports.

If you need to import data from several connectors, you have the FlowForma Integration at your disposal. Finally, the FlowForma Collaborate lets you automate business processes and manage them by collaborating with your team. 

Appian BPM Suite

If you want to enhance your business applications with workflow automation for optimized BPM, you can choose Appian BPM Suite. Appian speeds up governance, results, and business efficiency so that you can stay profitable in an ever-changing market ecosystem.

This BPM suite helps you simplify complex business processes into simple workflows so that employees with varying skill sets execute the workflow. 

Its Workflow Designing tool lets you draw processes just like flowcharts. Then, an AI optimizes the process according to business inputs. Finally, you can save the design as a template for future projects.

Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker brings you more features than a standard BPM tool. Firstly, it combines the task and process management features so that you can save more by cutting down the need for a dedicated app for projects. 

It comes with several essential business operations and workflow management tools and capabilities, like:

  • Electronic Forms Design
  • Graphical Workflow Builder
  • Outlook Workflow Tool
  • Workflow Tracking and Reporting
  • Workflow Engine

By using all the modules of Comindware Tracker, business process managers can efficiently collaborate on critical workflows and create outstanding process management templates.   

ARIS Cloud

You must try the ARIS Cloud BPM solution if you think your business is performing less due to unclear and lengthy processes. The tool is highly scalable, as it comes in different editions to meet the needs of professional teams and businesses at an affordable cost.

If you are a small team of professionals and provide contractual business process management services for startups or micro-businesses, ARIS Basic is the right fit. ARIS Advanced is the appropriate choice for small to medium-size businesses that need to customize processes and gain more control. 


As the business process management niche flourished, more software development companies invested in it. The outcome is hundreds of BPM tools with several features that could easily confuse you.

To aid you in your search, we have come up with the top BPM suites that you can use.