9 Best Motion Graphic Software

Are you curious to know about motion graphic software? We have compiled a list of top software that can help you start your career in motion graphics.

Gone are the days when hand-drawn animations were trendy and when designers used to draw every expression, step, and motion to get the job done. Several movies are showcasing flipbook animation that is a part of motion graphics now.

However, the tools and technologies have evolved how one designs motion graphics. The fact is that whether it is an animated movie or a short film, graphics and story should be in the same flow fitting perfectly together. Hence comes motion graphics.

Motion graphics is an animation that includes text to represent the story. These graphics are usually used on the credits of the movie or TV shows, including text and sound, to deliver something exceptional. It is an excellent way of communication between the brand and viewers.

Motion graphics create title sequences, ads, give a message, explainer videos, and videos using the templates. Some of the most prominent examples of motion graphics are:

#1. Title Sequence

If you are familiar with the opening credits of Hitchcock’s Psycho, you might not need any other example. From title sequence to credits, it packed up everything. HBO’s True Detective is another example of typography and visual mix reflecting the characters.

#2. Branding

If you are a fan of social media, you might have seen a GIF created by NBC News as fun representing La La Land as the Best Picture during the Oscars debacle. Many brands have come up with several ideas for motion graphics used cleverly as a serious marketing and branding tool.

#3. Kinetic Typography

The best thing about motion graphics is that one can use the text to hook the audience in an unpredictive way. Some of the most famous examples of Kinetic Typography are Rick and Morty, the lyric video for Jacob Sartorius’ By Your Side, the film Kick-ass, and the American TV show Breaking Bad.

Graphics motions can help create entertaining and informative videos using symbols, effects, characters, infographics, and text. It moves from sketching to converting it into a 3D dimension. However, it is easy to convert complex tasks into graphics with simple tools.

Let us give you a glimpse into the top graphic motion tools.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve can end your search if you are looking for professional editing, audio, effects, and color tools. Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve tool can help you create something like the famous artwork of Leonardo da Vinci. The tool offers a combination of color correction, editing, audio post-production, motion graphics, and visual effects to the designers to create unique designs. It is a powerful and go-to software for professionals working on modern and elegant artwork with original camera quality.

The creative and quality tool is used in several television shows and feature films popular among sound engineers, professional colorists, VFX artists, and editors.

Through this tool, users can add effects to the foreground/background, map FX to grade, generate 3D matte, use fast noise, depth map generation, surface tracking, and despilling plugins while tracking the movement of textured surfaces.

Along with this, the designers can collaborate with their team easily using cloud-based workflows. It is possible to host project libraries and create/manage proxies using Blackmagic Cloud. The tool’s new features include improved subtitling for editors, 3D depth maps, ultra beauty graphics, Fairylight, FlexBus conversions, etc.

The all-in-one solution software offers excellent features to edit and cut the designs when required. It has an incredible range of secondary and primary color grading features, including advanced HDR grading, tracking, qualifiers, and PowerWindows. The designers can leverage keying and rotoscope tools for creating stunning animated titles, photorealistic composites, and 3D particle systems.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe usually comes at the top of the list for any image and video design. It is popular among professionals to make the videos stand out and hook the audience. Adobe Creative Cloud Motion Graphics Software helps the designers develop eye-catching graphics using intuitive and powerful tools.

The software is famous for creating feature-length films, YouTube videos, movies, and short films. It is an all-in-one video software used to create a simple design into a transformative video for any video channel. It offers a wide range of features to create amazing motion graphics using readymade templates to make the showtime easier.

Adobe Premiere Rush works on all types of videos to create excellent results. It comes with features like:

  • Easy to access motion graphic templates and Adobe Stock for animated titles with customized fonts, text, size, and color.
  • Cross-device availability to edit photos on Mac, tablets, and PC.
  • Customize animated titles with properties like size, color, style, font, and other intuitive tools.
  • Custom filters and presets with adjustable exposure, tint, and color adjustment.
  • Intuitive interface, creative flexibility, and interactive tutorials for designers to learn about user-friendly tools and design trends.

The tool has made it possible to add color, animation, graphics, and text to the design. The professional templates come with defined settings without altering major elements and allowing editors to obtain visual consistency.


Make stunning motion graphics using several features in Biteable to create scroll-stopping content. Biteable motion graphics are great for businesses developing reels for views or engaging with them. The tool is easy to use with the following steps:

  • Sign up or log in to the Biteable account
  • Use the motion graphic templates
  • Start with the animations using Biteable libraries that consist of images, video clips, backing tracks, etc.
  • Edit the video as per the requirement
  • Export the completed file or share it on social media channels

The motion graphic software helps create high-quality, engaging, and fun designs at a low budget. The top-notch animations can help in creating business-boosting designs and crafting any video. It is packed with user-friendly templates that one can customize based on a color scheme, company’s logo, and many more.

If you aim to develop professional-level content, Biteable can be a great start, packed with branding elements ad customizable templates. The intuitive motion graphics creator comes with jingles, videos, photos, and animations to craft videos. One can tell a captivating story, tap audience emotions, and leverage video marketing using this tool.


Create the motion graphics faster with Blender 3.1, offering a wide range of production. Blender motion graphics is an open-source and free tool that helps businesses to thrive in the market. The built-in powerful unbiased path-tracer engine allows the designers to render ultra-realistic and stunning graphics.

It supports –

  • VR rendering
  • CPU & GPU rendering
  • real-time viewport preview
  • HDR lighting and PBR shaders support
  • 3D painting with textured brushes
  • Advanced sculpting tools
  • N-Gon support
  • Python scripting with add-ons and custom tools
  • Dynamic sub-division and multi-resolution
  • Supports for tripod solver and planar tracking

The sculpting, modeling, and UV are significant additions to the tool to create, edit, and transform the designs. The features include object tracking, a production-ready camera, and the use of 3D scenes for advertisements, short films, feature films, and TV series. It offers a curve editor, custom bone shapes, sound synchronization, full animation support, and an OpenGL viewport.

Synfig Studio

If you are looking for a cross-platform tool that supports Linux, Windows, and OSX, Synfig Studio is the one. It is an open-source 2D animation software that helps create animation frame-by-frame with fewer resources and people. One can produce high-quality 2D animation with Synfig Studio with binary builds.

It is packed with advanced controls, bones, 50+ layers, vector tweeting, and filters. The full-featured system offers ample expressions for developed characters, control vector artwork, and layer types such as distortions, filters, gradients, geometric, fractals, and transformations. Users can quickly transform vector shapes into motion graphics while calculating frames and setting key positions.


For motion graphics and VFX, Natron has made a great image in the market. Natron is open-source and cross-platform compositing software that can handle any requirement and file format to offer top-notch designs. It is a functional and intuitive tool packed with features like 2D tracking, rotopaint/roto, keying, etc.

The motion graphics software has powerful features like robust keying, Planar tracker, matte generation, shapes, mattes, masks, and reduced hours of rotoscoping. It is packed with powerful 2D trackers, multi-layered rotoscoping, dope-sheet editor, and network rendering.

Natron allows designers to design organizing nodes with some innovative technologies that one can share across studios, artists, developers, and the community. It consists of a plugin repository to make a difference.

Daz Studio

From beginners to pros, Daz Studio can help in bringing an idea to the 3D universe. Daz 3D studio is favored to develop the 3D world, characters, photorealistic content, and rendering. The tool allows designers to create characters and custom scenes to bring an idea to real-life such as rigs, poses, and rendering.

Designers can discover vast and expansive libraries packed with 3D content (premium and free)to create characters. The most extensive 3D model library comes not only with the characters but also with thousands of supporting assets to create hyper-versatile figure content. Daz3D motion graphic tool can help access several features quickly and make money off the creations.


Avid Maestro motion designer tool helps in creating real-time and state-of-the-art broadcast creations. It can help create flexible graphics for weather segments, elections, sports shows, news, and other broadcasts.

The major features include:

  • Creating entertaining 2D and 3D motion graphics
  • UHD or HD/HDR and SDR
  • No pre-rendering content, programming, or scripting
  • Update templates dynamically multiple times
  • Edit, browse, access, search, recall, and archive assets
  • Easy to repurpose assets
  • Real-time graphic systems leveraging existing graphics tools to create dynamic graphics

Maestro 3D modeling and design tool can create channel branding, motion graphics, immersive video walls, sports enhancements, and interactive productions.


Create professional-looking motion graphics with FlexClip in three simple steps. FlexClip motion graphic maker comes with several tools such as converting videos, recording screen, adding text to video, video brightness, etc.

The motion graphic tool is packed with features like motion effects (fade, popup, wipe, zoom), graphic elements (banners, shapes, lines, patterns), and no requirement for designing skills. Designers can add elements (text and graphics), edit motion graphics, and export the final product to the device.


Motion graphics can use complex data from infographics and represent it in a fashion that one can easily absorb. It offers dynamic interaction to the complex data using animated elements to make compelling and engaging graphics.

However, motion graphics have extended their wings from complex data to filmmaking over time. It is carefree to come up with pictures to create commercial and entertaining content. The motion graphics also include visual effects such as color correction, adding elements, removing elements, 3D tracking, and making responsive elements.

It is easy to design motion graphics, start with a story idea, develop a script, prepare a storyboard, and get to production with visual effects. However, it is vital to avoid gaps, skips, unnecessary data, breaks, and confusing messages to create incredible motion graphics. Motion graphics tools are becoming a game-changer and life savior for designers.

Now you are aware of the best motion graphics tools. So, start your journey in the new world and create something remarkable.